The Minnesota Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (Minn. Mass) consists of people involved in technical areas utilizing mass spectrometry as the major analytical technique. While membership in Minn. Mass is open to all interested people, the majority of the meetings take place in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area.


Activities of the Minn. Mass Discussion Group include approximately four meetings and a summer picnic each year, a vendor evening and one off-site meeting every other year. The meetings typically involve presentations by local and/or visiting scientists from the Midwest area. In some cases, tours of mass spectrometry facilities are conducted after these presentations. Periodically, guest speakers from the American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) and the Chicago Mass Spectrometry Group are invited to give presentations. Every other year, Minn. Mass sponsors a Vendor Evening where sales representatives from major instrument manufacturers gather to discuss their company’s products and recent accomplishments. These gatherings have proven to be a very beneficial clearing house for those interested in keeping up-to-date in current mass spectrometry products.


Minn. Mass meetings are typically held at the facilities utilizing mass spectrometers, such as Braun, Aspen Research, 3M, University of Minnesota, etc.


Meetings are typically held on a quarterly basis.


These meetings allow for communications between companies and facilities to aid in the dissemination of current techniques and practices utilizing mass spectrometry as an analytical technique.

Board (as of 9/6/2023):


  • Usha Mishra (U of M)



  • Yanhong Dong (U of M)



  • Christopher Shaffer (3M)


President-Elect (to begin in 2024-2025):

  • Deborah Gross (Carleton College)


Members At Large:

  • Cari Randles (Thermo)
  • Natalia Tretyakova (U of M)
  • Alex Grill (Waters)
  • Lee Parsons (Agilent)
  • Varun Gadkari (U of M)
  • Erica Mandahar (Waters)
  • Valerie Iyer (Thermo)
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