Activities of the MinnMass Discussion Group include approximately four meetings and a summer picnic each year, a vendor evening or one out-of-town meeting every other year. The meetings typically involve presentations by local or visiting scientists from the Midwest area. In some cases, tours of mass spectrometry facilities are conducted after these presentations. Periodically, guest speakers from other prestigious institutions are invited to give seminars.


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Upcoming MinnMass Events:

  • MinnMass Summer Picnic 2023, August 28th, 5 PM at Island Lake County Park, Shelter 2, Shoreview, MN

Recent Past MinnMass Events:

  • MinnMass Spring 2023 Meeting (Speaker Dr. Varun V. Gadkari, University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry)
  • MinnMass Winter 2022/2023 Meeting (Dr. Alexander Leitner, Institute of Molecular Systems Biology at ETH Zurich)
  • MinnMass Summer Picnic 2022
  • MinnMass Winter 2021 Meeting (Speakers R. Graham Cooks and Christina R Ferreira from Purdue University)
  • MinnMass Winter 2019 Meeting (Speaker Dr. Abraham Badu-Tawiah, Ohio State University)
  • MinnMass Summer Picnic 2018
  • MinnMass Spring 2018 Meeting (Speaker Dr. Silva Balbo, University of MN)
  • MinnMass Winter 2018 Meeting (Speaker Dr. Peter Crawford, University of MN)
  • MinnMass Summer Picnic 2017

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